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 Copper and gold are the only two metals that have color.  I worked with copper for more than twenty five years in industry and found that it is one of the most beautiful metals to create with.  Copper possesses properties that allow the metal to be shaped into intriguing designs and with proper heat treating, beautiful colors; reds, greens, blues, gold, etc. can be captured from it. 


My artwork is made from natural copper, bronze, granite, marble and rocks and is cut and formed by hand tools.  The fastening of the metal is done by using special copper and bronze alloys.  The granite and marble that I use is also hand cut and formed. 


Most of my artwork is brightly colored by a special heating and rapid cooling process that I developed.  I also use a chemical process to accelerate the patina effect on copper to obtain vivid blues and greens.  I do not use any paint for coloring.  I do use a thin protective coat on the metals to retain these colors. 


I enjoy designing my artwork with original ideas and shaping them into life-like adaptations to show their character.  I want each piece to be unique, natural and make a statement without words.  My art work is on display in art galleries, medical facilities and financial institutions.


R L Baroni

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