Copper Sculptures  
        RL Baroni        

Hole In One At The US Open - Height: 40"; Width: 15"; Depth: 22"; -  $8,000

The golfer is made from 100% copper and this life-like sculpture of TW is scaled to exactly half size.  The golfer would be 6' 2" in full size and he would have a 46" chest and a 34" waist.   

The head and hands were made from a Cold Castings process.  They were first sculptured on red clay, then silicon was layered  on the clay to form a mold.  A mixture of  300 grit copper powder with a two-part polyester binder completed the casting. The body, legs, arms and golf shoes were made from .030" thick copper sheet metal by hand shearing, hand forming and welding together with a copper alloy. 

The shaft and grip of the golf club was made from various diameters of copper tubing and the head was made from sheet metal with "Ping 5 Iron" inscribed it. The color on the copper is only from a process I developed by heat treating, no paint is used except for a thin coat of clear lacquer to hold the colors and to eliminate any further patina.  The sculpture is mounted on a two level base, made from old walnut barn wood, and preserved with Tung Oil to bring out the grain.  

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